Welcome to Portishead Medical Group

We are a large medical practice with many years of experience in caring for the town of Portishead. Our 18,800 patients are served by a large team of Doctors and allied medical staff. We are based in a purpose built health centre conveniently situated in the centre of the town (next to Aldi) with plenty of free onsite parking and near to Portishead High Street and public transport routes. Patients are registered with the Practice but each has a named GP who manages their paperwork. You are free to see the Doctor of your choice.

We are passionate about education and are proud to be a Training Practice. Doctors and nurses in training are often to be seen and we periodically host medical students.  We believe in health promotion and patient involvement and have an active Patient Participation Group.

Our Services

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic all members of our team have worked, and continue to work,  extremely hard to provide support for urgent and high priority clinical needs. 

We have remained open the entire time, constantly reviewing and adjusting the way that we provided appointments to reflect local infection levels and the availability of staff. Our practice team have also been affected by illness, isolation requirements and school closures.

We continue to provide services to our patients whilst facing unprecedented demand, and to support patients who have not been able to access other health and support services due to constraints in those services.

We have recently experienced a significant increase in calls from patients who, as restrictions lift, understandably want to discuss ongoing problems that they have been coping with over the last year, or other problems which, while not urgent, they still need help with.

We are doing our very best to support all of our patients throughout these challenging times. Our team continue to work extremely hard and we will always deal with clinically urgent problems on the day that they occur.

What we ask of you, our patients, is to please help us by considering whether you are able to manage your symptoms yourself and if you are able to, try other ways to obtain help such as the NHS.UK website or your local pharmacy. This will help us to support patients who can only get their advice fro us. We also ask you to treat our staff with kindness and respect.

Thank you

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For online access to your medical record, we recommend downloading the NHS App . For guidance on setting up the NHS App click on the link below.

You will also be able to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions and get helpful health information.

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